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Final Fantasy VIII Links

Links to other Final Fantasy VIII sites... (Cyper Hippie Vision) offers the best source of all video files the internet has to offer. Game intros, endings, promos, and in-game clips can be found here in Real Media or MPEG format. As of 07.21.01, however, is not opperational. The reason: insufficient funds. If anyone has the ability to raise one million dollars, the estimated amount needed to re-errect CHV, contact immediately. In time, CHV will be able to offer the number one source of video game clips once again. Check back at this site daily to see the progress CHV has made.

Final Fantasy VIII Source

Final Fantasy 8 Source has a good deal of information on this and other FF games. Although the information is not as much as other sites, visit here for a glimpse.

Final Fantasy Online

Final Fantasy Online is another great site to find information on all that is Final Fantasy. They offer completely indepth information on each Final Fantasy game. Once again, FFOnline is up and running. For a short time, this premeir gaming site was undergoing a facelift to produce faster speeds and easier browsing. They have done it. The new site is more remarkable than the first. New images for characters and Guardian Forces have been added to give each page a stunning, beautiful appearance. If you haven't heard about this site yet, why not? Visit FFOnline today.

The Gaming Intelligence Agency (GIA)

The GIA offers a great place to find Final Fantasy media. I dowloaded some of the movies from here with happy results. The GIA also has a great deal of other games that you can get information on. Check this place out if you're interested.