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Final Fantasy VIII Media

Movie Files

NOTE: All media files on this page are in Real Audio format. If you do not have the proper player, go to and download the appropriate software.

NOTE: I have MPEG's available of GF summons, character intros, and even the complete ending to FF8. If you would like any of these, or all media that I own, please e-mail me at I can burn you a data CD of the files. Send me your address or other applicable information too.


Intro.ram 5.22mb

Squall Limit Breaks-

RoughDivide.ram 932kb

FatedCircle.ram 802kb

BlastingZone.ram 1.25mb

LionHeart.ram 1.59mb

In-Game Clips-

Adel.ram 884kb

AdelSpacelaunch.ram 930kb

BalambGarden.ram 1.03mb

Ballroom.ram 2.91mb

ChallengeEdea.ram 1.86mb

Disk1End.ram 1.52mb

DolletSatteliteDish.ram 2.47mb

GardenFlies.ram 1.15mb

IntoLunaticPandora.ram 1.38mb

Invasion.ram 1.67mb

Parade.ram 3.62mb

TearoftheMoon.ram 2.62mb

Quistis.ram 582kb

End Fight-

Griver.ram 1.08mb

ShockwavePulsar.ram 963kb

Ultima.ram 1.11mb

Ultimecia.ram 891kb

UltimeciaDeath.ram 1.9mb