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The Main Menu

Final Fantasy VIII has some of the same aspects as its predecessors. Understanding how to operate the menu may seem a bit tricky if you are new to the game, however. Pressing circle wherever you are will access the main menu. Once there, different things will appear. Located at the top of the screen is a 'Help' box that will briefly tell you what you are selecting depending on where your cursor is on the screen. Underneath that, is the arrangement of the party members. By selecting one of the allies with the X button, you can re-arrange the party order by moving the cursor to a new position. At the very bottom of the screen, your location is displayed. The lower right hand corner of the screen offers information about the elapsed time accumulated in your gameplay, your SeeD rank, and your total amount of money earned.

All of the selections located on the right side of the screen will be the main focus of my help tutorial. Here they are arranged from top to bottom on the screen:

The 'Junction' menu is one of, if not the most important screen in all of Final Fantasy VIII. Here, you are able to customize your characters, improve and strengthen thier stats, and assign specific commands for them in battle. Fully learning how to master this screen will be very helpful.

The 'Item' screen shows all of the items you have bought, found, won, etc. Each item has a different use than of the previous one making each one just as important as the previous one.

The 'Magic' screen allows you to view all of the magic that your character has drawn, stocked, refined, etc. Using this menu can be an alternative to using items for specific illnesses. This menu is very important to the gameplay as is 'Junction'.

The 'Status' screen shows the stats of the character, thier compatibility with GF's, and thier Limit Break information.

The 'GF' screen displays all of the GF's that your party has acquired. Each GF can be selected to have them learn different abilities. Refer back to this screen numerous times throughout the game.

The 'Ability' screen allows you to access all of the 'Menu Abilities' your GF's have learned. Refining magic or items, among other things, can be done here.

The 'Switch' screen allows you to switch allies during certain parts of the game along with a complete Junction exchange between characters.

The 'Card' menu lets you look at all of your cards acquired.

The 'Config' screen gives you the options to customize your game play.

The 'Tutorial' screen gives explanations of various functions within the game. Refer to here if you don't understand something about Final Fantasy VIII.

By selecting the 'Save' screen you can save your game data at specific points.