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The Save Menu

Perhaps the easiest of all menus, the Save screen offers little confusion. While at the Save screen, you are able to save your game progress. This means all player levels, stats, abilities, GF's, etc., will be updated since the last save.

To access the Save menu, you must first be at a location where you can save. Save locations consist of the following:

1) Save Points (those circling things that show text telling you you can save)

2) The World Map (anywhere that you are outside a building, you can save)

*NOTE*: One block of a memory card is needed.

When a save location is reached, simply press the Circle button to access the Main Menu screen and scroll down to the 'Save' option. Press X. Now choose the memory card slot that you want to save your game in.

Now that you've made it to this point, select the block you want to save your game to. If previous data already exists, you will receive a test message displaying

"Data already exists. Overwrite?" with the option of 'Yes' or 'No'

Choose 'yes' to overwrite the data or 'no' to not save your game.

Wow, what an easy concept to grasp. Good luck on your Final Fantasy VIII adventure.